Fur Products

Below is a list of the quality products offered by Frontier Furs! Pricing varies by item type and style, so please contact us here for a quote on any custom item.

Fur Hats
Hats can be made in many styles, from the fur of your choice. Send in your own tanned pelts to be made into a fully customized hat that will keep you warm and cozy all winter long!

Skye Goode fox headband  coonhats

Ellie Mom and Chris above Kenai River k meritt fox hat ren fest

Scarves & Mittens
These accessories go along great with your custom fur hat! Scarves and mittens can be made either in all-fur styles or sewn from fabric and lined or trimmed with your choice of fur.

cross fox scarf camo mittens moms scarf

Bags & Purses 
Bags can range from small and simple to large and elaborately decorated with beads and tassels. These are great for costuming accessories, special events, or just carrying your prized possessions in unique style!
autumnfox bag sunglow bag yote bag2

Gift & Souvenir Items
Frontier Furs makes appearances as a vendor at many events across the state, and sometimes the country! Items offered at our vending booths include fur tails, keychains, masks, props, tanned pelts, and a wide array of other furry goods for you to bring home. Or if you’re out of state, no worries – you can also find many of these same items in our Etsy Store!

edited-metrocon-2016-0304 Frontier Furs_9