Fur Products

Frontier Furs offers a unique variety of fur creations for costume use or everyday wear. Pricing varies by item type and style, so please contact us here for a quote on any custom-made product.

 Ellie Mom and Chris above Kenai River  IMG_20170108_094048624
IMG_20160213_135810305_HDR  coonhats
k meritt fox hat ren fest sunglow bag

Gift & Souvenir Items
Frontier Furs makes appearances as a vendor at many events across Florida and sometimes even out-of-state show! Items offered at my vending booths include fur tails, keychains, masks, props, tanned pelts, and a wide array of other furry goods for you to bring home. Or if you can’t attend a show, no worries – you can also find many of these same items in our Etsy Store!

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