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Welcome To Frontier Furs!

Frontier Furs is a home-grown furrier service based in Odessa, Florida, and since 2007, Frontier Furs has been proud to offer professional quality fur products for all occasions! I create customized fur hats, crafts, winter wear and costume props and accessories, and offer an extensive line of tanned pelts, tails, gift items and more!

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About the Artist:bio pic

My name is Ellie Willingham, I am a fur crafter, trapper, and outdoorswoman.  I’m an active member of the Florida Trappers Association, as well as an enthusiast in horror art, costuming and special effects.

I trap many of my own furs locally, and get others from reputable sources up north. For me, fur crafting is not just any hobby: It is a way of preserving the natural beauty of animals and respecting them for all that they provide to us. I take pride in my work and craft each item with the utmost care to ensure that you will receive quality service and a product that lasts a lifetime!

Useful Links:

Purchase furs from Ouachita River Valley Trading Post and have them shipped direct to Frontier Furs for custom hat or garment making!
nta logo
Frontier Furs is a proud member of the NTA, which represents all trappers across the nation!
Anything and everything you ever wanted to know about the fur trade!

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